International Pleasure Walking Horse
Registry, Inc.

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"For the Love of the Breed"
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(a new breed registry)
This is not a NEW IDEA but an idea whose
The IPWHR is a non-profit registry dedicated to the promotion of the Pleasure Walking Horse breed on an
international level. This registry is for Walking Horses and their owners who show them soundly and humanely,
use them for trail rides and/or pleasure and breed them for the purpose of producing a CORRECTLY GAITED
example of the breed and one that does not have to be manipulated (physically or chemically) into an
exaggerated and false gait.

The IPWHR is a BREED Registry that will accept the TWHBEA (Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and
Exhibitors' Association) and/or CRTWH (Canadian Registry of Tennessee Walking Horse) papers and DNA
testing and/or bloodtyping of any registered Walking Horse. It will provide a Certificate of Registration for
Walking Horses, access to bloodtyping and/or DNA testing, and the registration of their offspring. It will record
the transfer of ownership on these horses. And for a limited period of time, it will grandfather in those Walking
Horses that missed the TWHBEA bloodtyping deadline.

The IPWHR will be a long-needed SERVICE ORGANIZATION!! You will pay ONLY for the services rendered to
you! (IPWHR can and will be run more cheaply than others because there will be no debts of others to pay, no
agendas to pursue but the horse!) The IPWHR is not a Member Organization. There are no "human"
members...therefore no DUES! The only members are the HORSES!....through registration and transfer, birth
and bloodtyping and/or DNA testing and, for a limited period of time, GRANDFATHERING, for those who
missed out on the bloodtyping in the TWHBEA through lack of knowledge. There is both an Active BOD and an
Advisory BOD; and area representatives to provide services to those who wish to register their horses and
preserve the bloodlines.

The IPWHR is a SOUND Registry that will not accept the application for registration of a padded (Big Lick)
horse or one who is shown in a padded (Big Lick) class and will discipline those who violate the HPA. The
owner of any IPWHR registered horse which is exhibited in padded-up (Big Lick) classes or which receives an
"upheld" ticket for an HPA violation from a VMO or DQP for scar rule, unilateral soring or foreign substance will
have the right to conduct business with IPWHR, as well as all their horses' registration status, suspended for a
period of one year from the time of acceptance or conviction. (Conducting business meaning but not limited to:
registration of foals, transfer of ownership, filing of stud reports, etc.) Second: the owner of any IPWHR
registered horse which receives an "upheld" ticket for an HPA violation from a VMO or DQP for bilateral soring,
pressure shoeing or repeated violations will have the right to do business with IPWHR, as well as their all
horses' registration status, revoked for life from the time of acceptance or conviction. The only exception to that
penalty would be that the violator would have the right to transfer ownership of that IPWHR registered horse to a
new, non-related, owner of record. The new, non-related, owner of record can then reinstate the status of
registration of that horse upon transferring the horse into his own name.

The IPWHR is a Registry for those who SHOW SOUND. IPWHR has received the approval of Show
Associations such as: FOSH, UPPWHA, WCW and NPWHA (with more to come!) and sound HIO's such as the
HPC and HIT. Results recorded by the show management and supplied to IPWHR at the end of the showing
season will be recorded with the horse's show record. Recognition by AHSA will give owners even more
opportunities to show sound and clean!

Grace Larson (owner of the Part Walking Horse Registry) will appendix her Registry to the IPWHR so that the
horses in that Registry can ALSO be shown where the Show Management and HIO accepts the IPWHR in its
classes for the Walking Horse!

Spotted horses that are registered with the ASHA (American Spotted Horse Association), a sound, clean
Registry for Spotted Horses, and are also registered TWH or have TWH registered parents, can be registered
with IPWHR and also shown in these shows.

CRTWH (Canadian Registry of Tennessee Walking Horse) registered walking horses are also invited and
welcome to register as well as those from many other registries that are also registered TWH or have TWH
registered parents.

Every Organization needs a "voice" and Angela Neilson owner and publisher of Steppin' Out has agreed to be
the "voice" for this new Registry. There will be discounted subscription rates available to those registering with
IPWHR. We hope to establish a symbiotic relationship with Steppin' Out so that the owners of the sound
horses registered with IPWHR will have access to, and be able to contribute to the information in this
publication and also continue to advertise their horses and businesses there.

Ultimately our goal for those who show is the desire to win the best of all - THE PLEASURE WALKING HORSE
GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS! IPWHR horses will be accepted by FOSH for entry in this show held in Colorado in
September 2000. These are the horses that will represent THE BEST OF THE BREED! These horses are our
future and the future of a breed that left to it's own devices in the "status quo" will lose ALL that these wonderful
horses were bred to represent!

The IPWHR is not just another way to go or another way to fight soring! It is a much needed Registry for the
ENTIRE BREED, regardless of use!
Congratulations Debi Johnson
A JFK Celebrity, IPWHR 2013 World Champion!!!!

Congratulations to Stephanie Woodson and
Pete's Painted Strider,
IPWHR Reserve World Championship!